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Prepress Department
Power Macintosh 8100/100
72MB Ram, 1 GIG hard drive, dual speed CD
Macintosh Quadra 700
68MB Ram and 520MB hard drive
Macintosh IIci
20MB Ram and 1 GIG hard drive
Macintosh LCII
with 12" color monitor; 10MB Ram, 40MB internal hard drive; 256MB external hard drive
Macintosh SE30
Fileserver 4/100 with Bulletin Board 1GIG hard drive
Sony Multiscan HG 20" color monitor with super high pitch Sony Multiscan 17" color monitor with Sony Trinitron tube
Sony CPD-1425 14" color monitor with Trinitron tube  
AGFA Arcus II Color Scanner with transparency adapter 12 bit grey, 36 bit color UMAX UC 840 Color Scanner
Hyphen Spectraset 2200
Up to 3600 DPO with Hyphen Software Rip Version 9; 13.3" dilm with 486-66 MHZ compuyter; 64MB Ram; 1.2GIG Hard Drive; 5.25 and 3/50 Disk Drive
NewGen ImagerPlus 6
600 DPI laser printer up to 12 x 19
Removable Hard Drives
200 MB Syquest 44MB Syquest (2)
150 MB Bernoulli 230 MB Bernoulli

Pressroom and Bindery
Hamada 600 CD
1- color offset
Stahl Folder
with 8 page attachment
Rosback Saddlestitcher
Hamada 660 CD
2- color offset
MAX-1 counting machine GBC Punch and Bind Machine
18" x 25 1/4", 1-color press
Challenge Drill Watkiss collator
Heidelberg MOZP
19" x 25-1/2", 2-color prefecting press with UV dryer
Challenge Round Corner Cutter PadMaster
semi-automatic padding machine
Polar Cutter 35"
92 EMC- Monitor

Digital Printing Department
LaserMaster Big Ink Digital Printer
36" wide roll
Canon Color Laser Copier 700 with Canon ColorPass 3000

Image Assembly Department
Agfa-Gevaert RPS 2024
Superautomatic Camera with on line densitometer
Polychrome film processor
Cosar 873 Densitometer 30" x 40" Gallo Lineup Table
30" x 40" NuArc Light Table 20" x 30" NuArc Light Table
Stroesser Register System Montakop 30" x 40" Exposure Frame
3M 1133 Plate Processor  

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