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"When I went to work at Wheaton College 12 years ago I knew that I would need a source that provided me with quality printing at reasonable prices and would deliver on schedule. From my previous experience with TPI, I knew that they would fill this need and that I could rely on them."

Barbara Dill, Senior Designer
Wheaton College

"As a forms management firm, Winbrook Associates must have good sources in order to supply the needs of its various accounts. Technical Publications haas been on of our print sources for over 10 years and in that time we have come to depend on their excellent quality, service and dependability. I would highly recommend them to anybody."

Chuck Lattanzio, President
Winbrook Associates


"Technical Publications is more than a regular printer. They are a well-rounded service organization to anyone in the design field or anyone responsible for buying print or production. They have been servicing Brandeis' print and production needs for 25 years. They always come through in a timely manner, even in the most difficult situations without compromising quality. They forecast the trends in production technology and have always kept up to date with state of the art equipment. As a designer for over ten years at Brandeis, I can highly recommend Technical Publications."

Chuck Dunham, Director of Design Services
Brandeis University

"Technical Publications is an outstanding full-service printing agency. They consistently provide exceptional work and timely delivery. They are undoubtedly one of the most dependable printers in the greater Boston area!"

Abby Murphy, Director of Special Projects
Arthritis Foundation

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